You've got questions. So do we. We also have a few answers, and we're working to get more.

Doesn't this data exist somewhere already?

No, not at the level of detail that we need in order to address this pandemic. There is data about how many beds each hospital has (i.e., capacity), but the data about availability at any given time is not generally available. In addition, we expect capacity - which is usually a pretty static quantity, since hospitals open, close, and expand relatively rarely - to become a moving target as new hospitals are built on an emergency basis.

Why is this information important?

As of this writing (late March 2020), we the public simply do not have a good picture of hospital resources that are available. We know the situation is bad, and that more beds and equipment are needed, but a clearer view is needed in order to bring pressure to bear in the right places at the right times.